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Background and Identification

The MID F900 Tablet PC was released in 2012 by the Chinese company Shenzhen Starnet Digital. The front face of the tablet is a black color, while the rear is a white, plastic backing. The plastic backing contains the text "MID" centered in silver lettering.

The MID F900 is a 9-inch screen tablet running Android 4.0 software. This version comes with a microSD slot giving the user the option to upgrade the memory storage up to 32 GB. It also comes equipped with a small 0.3 megapixel camera on the face of the tablet.

Additional Information

MID F900 product Specifications

The main product page of the MID F900 device where you can find helpful information and specifications.

MID F900 Additional Product Page

An additional product page for the MID F900 device with extra photos to help identify the device and more helpful product information.

MID F900 Forums

A helpful forum suited for owners of a MID F900 device. Here you will find additional answers to questions and be able to post your own questions to an audience of other people who own the same device.

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