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This device is considered to be a Chinese knockoff of the modern-day tablet and serves as a budget-friendly alternative to the more expensive devices on the market today. As a result, there is little to no additional information about this device available on the internet. Below are the specifications on the tablet.

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Why can’t I connect to the Internet?

When I try to use an app that needs to access the Internet, I get an error about having no connection. I am connected to my Wi-Fi and have a good signal strength, but I still cannot connect.

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First of all, double check to see if the Wifi is enabled. To enable the WiFi, go to Settings -> WiFi -> Enable and connect to a wireless connection.

Once this is checked and the problem has not been resolved yet, the WiFi adapter may need to be replaced.

To replace the WiFi adapter, follow our guide for replacing the WiFi adapter.

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