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HP Pavilion x360 15t-br000 Convertible PC

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hp 15-br0xx not powering on.

i recently recieved an HP Pavilion x360 (15-br0xx). it wont power on. the ac adapter light turns on and the power light turns on when i press the power button, but nothing happens on the screen. i think it might be a ram issue, i just want to ask around before i open it up. i Am sorry if this doesn’t make any sense, i typed this in a hurry.

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Do you hear a hard drive noise? If not, he hard drive could be dead, or malfunctioning, otherwise it could be the ram. Maybe try reseating it?

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Hi @vip_aha,

If reseating the ram doesn’t work, try a power refresh and check if that resolves the problem.

Turn off the laptop if on, and disconnect the charger if connected.

Open the laptop (if not already open) and disconnect the main battery. Then hold the laptop power button operated for 30 seconds and then release, to dissipate any residual charge from the laptop.

Reconnect the battery, reassemble the laptop, reconnect the charger and turn it on and check.

Here’s the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop, taken from this webpage.

Go to p.30 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove/replace the battery

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i reseated the ram, but im starting to think that both ram slots need to be filled since only one ram slot is occupied.

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Looking at the specifications on p.1 pf the HMM it only requires 1 slot to be occupied for it to work

Try another DDR4-2400 1.2V SO-DIMM ram module to see if that will work.

The manual says that it will support up to16GB i.e. 2 x 8GB but it does show that if you use a 2GB module it needs to be DDR4-2100 for some reason

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@jayeff okay, i have done all i can with the ram, but i still cannot get it to post at all, the AC adapter light and power button lights are the only forms of life.

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The only thing left is to see if you can find the schematics for the motherboard online. Search for "(insert motherboard 'board number') schematics" to hopefully find them.

If you can get them then "maybe" there is a chance to see what is happening with the circuit. If not then you will need a replacement motherboard or take it to an authorized HP laptop repairer as they may have the schematics and /or may know what to do in this case.

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