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For help on troubles you may be having with this device, you can follow this link to the troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The Dell Inspiron N4110 is a 14 inch laptop released in the midst of a long range of Dell Inspiron laptops. This model of Dell is identified by the name Inspiron on the top left of the screen. It contains Intel i5 Sandy Bridge, 6gb ddr3 ram, 640 gb 5400 rpm drive, and SrS Premuim Sound. It is a black laptop with a built in camera, microphone, CD and DVD drive, Chicklet Style Keyboard, a built in trackpad and two mouse buttons. It weighs approximately 4.94 lbs. Another key feature is its power button along the top of the keyboard. This laptop is lightweight and relatively small, making it easy to transport.

This laptop is just one of many Dell Inspiron laptops, and there have been many series of this laptop before and after its release date. The company continued to update this laptop in order to keep up with today’s technology.

Additional Information

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