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Canon PIXMA MP190

Background and Identification

This all in one Canon Pixma MP190 printer is capable of printing, scanning, and copying. The MP190 model was released in 2008. This printer is capable of detecting what type of document you're copying and will select the optimal settings for that document type. The result is a copy that will more closely resemble the original, with accurate color and definition. The MP190 comes equipped with a quick start function which allows the user to print faster. This product qualifies for the ENERGY STAR certification. The identification number (K10320) is located on the bottom of the printer. The device width, height, and depth are 17.7, 6.6, and 13.8 inches. The device has a white top with black sides.

Additional Information

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Canon PIXMA MP190 Quick Start Manual

Canon PIXMA MP190

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