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I am Jessa Bethany Jones. Or Burdett---my married name. I'm never sure how to answer that simple question "What is your name?"

I am the microsoldering mom, and you can read about my path to that name here:

iFixit Blog article

I perform microsoldering miracles every day for devices that are sent to me from around the world. You can '''find my mail in repair business online at: iPad Rehab.''' Click the link and fill out a form if you need a quote for any microsoldering support. I came from the DIY community, and I love to help out my peeps. While I work primarily on iPads and iPhones, I do see a few MacBooks, Android phones, and even a Roomba or car key project every now and then.

In my former life, as a researcher with a PhD in human genetics, my world revolved around trying to understand the different dances of molecules inside normal tissue versus cancerous versions of the same stuff. And teaching. I've always loved the art of teaching complex topics to introductory audiences.

Four kids, and a bunch of beat up iPads later.....I realized the profound similarity of the simple march of electrons in orderly rows inside a logicboard with the charge-based movement of current inside neurons. Both seemingly basic processes result in a magnificent transformation into something that seems so vibrantly alive when all is working well, and so profoundly dull when it's not.

I started iPad Rehab a few years ago, and now we have a fully automated mail in repair business that serves hundreds of individual repairs shops in the US and Canada, as well as individual mail in repairs all over the globe. Soon we are going to offer weekend mini courses in Practical Microsoldering and Board-level troubleshooting at our Rochester, NY location.

In addition, I have trained some local "mommyfixits" from the stay-at-home mom community to be mobile device repair technicians. If you're a stay at home mom with a broken phone---get crackin' mama! iFixit has some amazing resources. You can do this!

Contact me at:

Check out reviews and 'repair of the week' funny stories at

Or just send me an email:

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