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La GoPro Hero3 + Silver Edition (modelo no. CHDHN-302) se lanzó en octubre de 2013. Esta videocámara digital es capaz de grabar videos de resolución HD de 1080p y tomar fotos de 8MP.

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My GoPro has "SD err" displayed on screen.

I can't take any photos or videos. Instead, the screen shows "SD err". Should I replace the microSD card?

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My fone says sd card error, I have lost cctv camera+photo's

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When your GoPro displays an "SD err" message on it's screen this means that it is having trouble communicating with your SD Card. To fix this please first check to see that your SD card is completely inserted into your device. Second, you can navigate to the settings menu on your GoPro followed by utilizing the trash icon to delete all files off of your card and reformat the card so that it can properly communicate with your GoPro. You can also perform this step by using the GoPro App. Be cautious however, make sure to save any files off of your SD Card to another device before you get to this step to ensure that you do not lose anything. After this you can close your settings menu and your camera should return to normal.

If your GoPro still displays the "err" message after making sure all the files have been removed from your SD Card, you must have a compatibility issue with your SD Card and your GoPro.

To see more on this topic please go to the GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition Troubleshooting Page @

GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition Troubleshooting

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My camera only displays the SD card error when the backpac is fitted. Without it there is no problem. I had already performed the firmware update and reformatted the card.

. I have worked out that if the backpac is attached first and then the SD card is inserted afterwards and then the camera is turned on that the error is avoided. However, while this has worked a few times now I am unconvinced that this will be reliable.

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