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If you are having difficulties with the GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition, try referring to the GoPro Hero3Plus Silver Edition Troubleshooting Page

Background and Identification

The GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition was the 8th generation camera by GoPro was released October 2013. It replaced the GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition. Like other GoPro Hero3+ models, the Hero3+ Silver Edition has “3+” written on the bottom right hand corner, with a silver number 3 to distinguish it from the black edition.

As opposed to previous generations, the GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition has a smaller housing, the ability for closer focus, and a longer battery life. This model has video modes of 1080p60, 960p60, 720p120, and 480p120, with a photo resolution of up to 10mp. This camera also has the capability of a burst mode, shooting up to 10 frames every half second.

In September of 2014, the Hero3+ was superseded by the Hero4.

Additional Information

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