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Estas son algunas de las herramientas comunes que se utilizaron para trabajar en este dispositivo. Es posible que no necesites todas las herramientas para cada procedimiento.


If you are having problems with your iHome iH3L, go checkout the iHome iH3l Troubleshooting Page.

Background and Identification

iHome is a company from SDI Technologies that was founded in 2005. Their company is the number one selling iPod speaker company in North America.

The iHome iH3L is a special edition iHome speaker from the iH3 models. This specific speaker is a limited color of metallic blue. This model as has two scroll wheels on the top with the iPod dock in the middle of them. It also has dual speakers, four rows of buttons on the top below the dock, and a radio/alarm clock interface. It is powered by an AC adapter or two AA batteries as a back-up source.

To identify which specific iHome device you have, you can look at the manufacturing sticker on the bottom of the device. In the center of the bottom, there is a sticker with "iHome" in the top left corner. Beside this is the model number, for this device, it will read "iH3L".

Additional Information

iHome iH3 Support Page

iHome iH3 User Manual

iHome iH3 Accessories & Parts

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