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For additional information regarding common troubleshooting problems visit TI-36X Pro Troubleshooting Page

Identification and Background

The TI-36X Pro was released in 2011. This scientific calculator offers a four-line by 16-character display, is battery powered with the assistance of a solar cell to lengthen the battery lifespan, and is an auto power off calculator with hard, color-coded keys and rubber non-skid feet. Also, the TI-36X includes an impact-resistant cover and a hard snap-on protective rubber case.

The TI-36X Pro can de distinguished from other similar models by the addition of the solar cell above its large display. Also, it has a chrome directional pad on the top right side of the calculator, just below the display.

Specifications and Features


  • 3V CR2032 Battery
  • 5 Cell Solar Panel


  • Custom LCD with 4 x 16 character display


  • MathPrint display mode
  • Algebra and calculus solvers
  • Exact and decimal answer calculations
  • Different language modes

Additional Information

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