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Camera will not turn on ¶ 

After trying several options, your camera still will not turn on.

Check the power button on the camera ¶ 

Check the power button on the top of the camera before beginning more in-depth solutions. The power button should have a red light next to it when on. Click the button and hold down if necessary.

Possible dysfunctional battery ¶ 

If your camera won't turn on, check that the battery is charged. If the battery will not charge, you will have to order a replacement battery.

The guide for Battery charging and changing can be found in the following link: Charging the Battery and Battery Removal.

Lens error flashes across the screen ¶ 

When trying to take a picture with your camera, "Lens Error" flashes across the screen and the camera will only show a black screen.

Clean the the lens of the camera with a clean cloth ¶ 

It is possible that something as small as a grain of sand could be preventing the lens from opening properly. Swipe the cloth gently across the lens to remove any debris.

Push the lens back into position ¶ 

Sometimes the lens is out of position and can no longer open or close properly. Look for a gap between the lens and where the lens retracts into the camera. Using your finger, apply gentle pressure to this area in a rotating motion until you hear a click, indicating the lens has moved back into place.

The guide for correcting a lens error can be found in the following link: Camera Lens Error.

Camera will not take pictures ¶ 

"After trying everything you can think of, your camera will still not take pictures."

Camera could be in the wrong mode ¶ 

Your camera could be in the wrong mode. Check to make sure you are in shooting mode and not playback or panoramic mode.

Memory card could be full ¶ 

The memory card in your camera could be full. You might need to delete some pictures from your card or purchase another card with a larger storage capacity.

Flash will not work ¶ 

When trying to take a picture, the orange light that indicates the flash will light up but the actual flash does not occur.

Check Flash Settings ¶ 

Click the Menu button on your camera and then view Flash Settings. Check and make sure that the flash is turned on and then restart your camera.

Flash bulb may be burnt out ¶ 

If this is the case the flash will need to be replaced. Please see the following link for further instructions : Flash.

A replacement bulb can be found either on Amazon or Ebay.

Pictures will not transfer from your camera to your computer ¶ 

When trying to transfer your pictures from your device to your computer, you get an error message.

The guide for correctly transferring your pictures can be found in the following link:

Connecting Camera to Computer.

You do not have the proper software installed on your computer ¶ 

A CD-ROM should be included with the purchase of your camera. Install this program onto your computer. If you did not receive a CD-ROM, order a copy.

Software is installed but pictures still won't transfer ¶ 

Check the connection between the camera and computer. The USB cord that was provided with the camera should have the smaller port plugged into the camera port labeled A/V OUT DIGITAL and the larger connection plugged into the USB port of your computer.

The guide for connecting your computer and camera device can be found in the following link:

Connecting the Camera to a Computer.

Alternatively, the memory card may be damaged or non-functioning. In this case, replacing the memory card is advisable.

The guide for replacing your memory card in the camera can be found in the following link: Memory Card Replacement.

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While taking pictures, "memory card error " appeared.

My memory cards has about 20 pictures in it.

suzanne - Contestar

My camera, won't let me view my pictures I can only see the last picture I take, but can't go back?

Maria Osorio - Contestar

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