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Been using computers since the Commodore days and Macs since '89 and a few years back I decided to transform a simple hobby for electronics in general and an old passion for Apple products into something more serious and professional.

I do some refurbishing and repair Macs, iPhones and iPads at component level. I've been into logic board repairs for over four years now and I'm still fascinated by microsoldering..I love the feeling of being able to replace a part that's invisible to human eye.

I like fixing things and giving them a longer life and a better look and I share the view that we live on a planet with limited resources and it will take yet a very long time before we'll be able to get what we need from outer space. The more we are able to save from waste the longer we shall be able to progress and prosper.

I learnt a lot from the net and this community too and I love the idea to give something back.

If you're in the EU or the Med. area and your device needs a component level repair or data recovery, I take mail-in orders too, just contact me anytime for info.

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