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Una cámara avanzada de apuntar y disparar de gama alta fabricada por Canon.

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Camera functions have gone haywire

  1. Press on/off lens dont move out,just the LCD screen lights up with a rolling clock displayed. 2. Then press shutter button and lens move out. 3. Lens will not zoom out until you press shutter button at same time,they will then zoom back in so long as camera lens are still focused.4. Menu and display buttons do not get any response but mode dial works. Camera still takes photos. This occured whilst editing and deleting photos,all functions were working perfectly untill then. Not been exposed to water,dropped once years ago and it survived that.
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Hi @paulmcdonn68172

Try a power refresh to hopefully reset the camera back to normal.

Turn off the camera and then remove the battery from the camera.

Press and hold the on/off button for a full 30 seconds and then release it.

Reinsert the battery and check.

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Thank you for the advice Jayeff. The camera is with a repair shop at the moment who have advised that is probably a corrupted circuit board. I will try your power refresh when I have it back. If no joy I will take it apart myself as there will be nothing to lose.

- de

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