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C536A hinge repair

I have a 15" Asus C536EA flip chromebook. One of the hinges is broken, it took a tumble. Only one side is broken. How are these replaced? I have gotten conflicting stories and prices. Please help. My mom that recently passed away got this for me for my birthday and I need it fixed. It is fully operational, just the one hinge. Thanks so much!!

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What you can sometimes do if the damage is reasonable and isn't too far gone is if you can remove the rivets (and leave the screws out for this!!!) and put a little bit of JB-Weld or JB-Kwik in the side where the holes are and that may hold it in for good; however, it tends to be temporary as the other side breaks or the bond fails. Once it's dry, then you put the screws back in and do a light load test on it within 24 hours; try to avoid using it for at least that amount of time to let it sufficiently dry. If it can hide damage to a toilet seat hinge it should work on your laptop.

If you try that and it does not work, you will need to replace the LCD shell. The part number is 13N1-BRA0501.

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