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Minolta SRT 200 Film Advance Lever Stuck

I picked up a Minolta SRT 200 from an antique store for next to nothing, seems to be in really good condition (very clean, things seem to work and move properly without a battery.)

But I can't move the film advancement lever beyond the 20-degree free rotation amount. With the back off the lever doesnt move any of the hardware inside.

Any ideas?

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Ok, I found the answer. I removed the bottom after reading an article about an SRT201 that had a similar issue, also with the rewind button stuck in the depressed position. For whatever reason even though my keywords were identical, Google didn't think it was accurate until I searched specifically for stuck rewind buttons. I removed the bottom plate and found that the rewind lever went all the way down, and it was caught on a small ratchet pin that prevented it from opening. I pulled back the pin and actuated the rewind lever, and everything seemed to right itself, and now it works like a charm!

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My SRT 100X has a similar issue. When shooting, I heard an unusual noise and the advance lever was stuck. The rewind button remains depressed. I tried this same solution after removing the bottom plate but I didn't see anything strange. Anyway I'm not able to find that pin... Any help?

- de

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Hi @counttoinfinity

Here's the SRT-101 service manual and the SRT-303, -102 & -Super service manual that may help.

I realize that it is not they're same model as yours but perhaps the film winding mechanism operates the same way, since your model number lies between them.

Update (02/20/2023)

Hi @danj

Strange as I have no problems accessing the documents.

Here they are anyway.


Minolta SR T 303 102 Super Repair SRT 101ServiceManual

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@jayeff - All the SRTs have the same film advance and shuttle design so the manuals you’ve posted are just the ticket! These appear to be behind a paywall or limited to country as I can’t get to them.

- de

@counttoinfinity - Here’s another source in case you can’t access Jays as it appears they either behind a pay wall or limited to country IP address as I can’t see them Minolta SRT 101 service manual

- de

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