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First unveiled in December 2016. Identifiable by model numbers 20HD00xycc where "x" is a number, "y" is a letter, and "cc" is a country code.

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Thunderbolt 3 Port Replacement

Hello all. The Thunderbolt 3 port on my Thinkpad T470 (Type 20HD) has stopped working. I have already installed all the driver updates to no avail. After inspecting the port closer, I found there is physical damage to the port and several of the pins are severely bent. I believe the only option is to replace it. However, there are basically no repair places that actually solder stuff on the motherboard, and it would more than likely be too expensive to pay a shop to do it. I am going to attempt to do it myself, and I was wondering if anybody has any tips before I do this.



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Hi @conradish006

I see that this usb c socket is soldered directly on the mainboard,

For me, I had done some handphone repairs on changing the usb ports, micro usb ports,

and to say … some micro soldering skills is needed, e.g. equipment, skills, and tools.

preferable a hot air gun with some good flux to remove the defective part.

you will also need to identify the correct usb c port for the replacement.

after removing the part, doing some cleanup and perhaps a soldering iron to touch up those.

and magnifying glass to inspect after soldering, to check for any solder bridges between pins that was soldering on the mainboard.

if you are unsure, ask around, perhaps also share where is your location, hopefully someone can recommend you the next step.

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@salmonjapan Yeah, It's soldered directly to the motherboard. I was really hoping it would be a daughterboard with the ports on it. So soldering is definitely required. As for identifying the part, the only markings it has on it are "7AJB". If I could pay a shop a decent price, not over $100; I would. I live in the Central Indiana area if you happen to know of any shops that do that.



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Type your location in this link to hopefully find repairers near to you.

To be listed with ifixit professionals they have agreed to abide by the repair technician's creed

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