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Would an M.2 SSD heatsink help me?

Today i noticed my Samsung 500GB M.2 NVME SSD (MZVLB512HAJQ-0007) (from a Lenovo ThinkPad T470s) was running at 70-90C (According to HWINFO and SIV). this was while idling on the desktop. there is an ample amount of airflow in my PC case, so I was wondering if a heatsink with thermal pads would help.

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Hi @vip_aha ,

Are you sure that it was "idling"?

Did you check the activity percentage in Task Manager > Processes > Disk in case there are background activities going on that you're unaware of?

Clicking the arrowhead next to the Disk in the column will show which process is using it the most at the current time.

Also check in the Start Up tab to view what programs are being loaded at startup, which may not be necessary and may be causing unwanted disk activity

Here’s an image that may help

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing

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