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I have a samsung ssd sm863 can I use this

the disk in my laptop is just a chip can i take the chip out of the case of a samsung sm863

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The SM863 looks to be an OEM’d version of a Samsung 860 EVO series SSD 2.5” if what I found matches the specs, so it’s a descent drive except the Samsung Magician toolbox will not work.

If you’re talking about putting this SSD into this netbook, no. The Vostro A90 is the "business version" of the Dell Mini 9. These use IDE SSDs, so a SATA SSD WILL NOT WORK. Issues like this are why the Mini 9 is worth so little these days and usually not worth bothering with, sadly. You will need to find a IDE SSD for this, which nobody makes outside of enterprise manufacturers who charge accordingly because they are the only ones left, like legacy Kingston drives. I hate to say it, but a relatively modern secondhand business class laptop with a 8th gen or newer processor will be more cost effective vs getting an SSD for this netbook :/.

Due to the cost of the drive unless there is sentimental value attached to it, your money is better spent on a used business class laptop like a mid spec i5 EliteBook or Latitude, with a 8th gen or newer processor. Send this lemon Vostro to the eWaste pile in the sky and take the L here - it’s over for these IDE SSD netbooks.

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