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The HTC Vive controller can be identified by its model number: 2PR7100. It is a first generation motion controller released by HTC on April 5th, 2016 as an accessory part of the Vive Virtual Reality set.

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Can you fix Vive controllers if I send you some?

Hi Im A VR arcade owner in Canada .. do you have a service that repairs Vive controllers if I send them to you?

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Hi @tremblantvr ,

ifixit does not do repairs.

Its’ volunteers offer advice on how to fix it yourself.

Here are the ifixit HTC Vive Controller Repair guides which may be of some help, depending on what the problems are.

Alternatively search the ifixit professional repairers list for any that may be near you. These repairers are in accord with the ifixit code of conduct for repair. Just type ‘Canada’ in the Search Repair Pros search box on the page to get results for repairers there.

If there are none that suit you then contact a reputable, professional electronics repair service in your area and ask them if they can do it and how much it may cost etc.

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