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Flagship smartphone from Huawei released April 2019. Featuring a 6.47" FHD+ OLED screen, in-display fingerprint sensor, 40 MP main camera plus 8 MP telephoto camera and a new earpiece speaker technology. Model VOG-L29 and VOG-L09.

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Poor Bluetooth and WiFi connection after screen replacement


I’ve recently replaced the screen of my Huawei P30 Pro Dual-SIM (VOG-L29). Since that, I have a little less WiFi signal, but most importantly, my Bluetooth signal is very bad and every little move of my phone or the headphones makes it stutter and lose the connection. Both antenna flex-cables are attached. When I hold my hand close to the camera, the connection breaks instantly. No software changes did help. What parts could fix this problem? Is maybe one of the antenna cables faulty? Thank you very much for any advice on this.

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I have the exact same issue with a Y9 2019: screen replaced, everything reconnected properly, but now WiFi, BT, and GPS disconnect constantly. It is as if the range of the antennas has drastically diminished. If anybody can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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I have the same problem. P30 after replace display with original parts the WiFi have poor signal and Bluetooth doesn't work. Next week I try to disassembly and check the coaxial cable.

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Hi, I have exactly the same problem…any ideas?!

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i think there is an error during the motherboard installation…tomorrow i try to reassembly

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Did you guys had any luck, I have the same issue with my Nova 5T poor Blueetoth connection after screen replacement.

Edit: I got the phone like that, but I suspect screen and back glass were replaced due marks around the chasis, I opened the phone myself to see if I could find the problema but everything seem fine, antena was attached properly, got the main board out and back again in its place, its hard to find info online so I dont really know wich is the bt antena and where the bt module is located

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Some parts might have been slightly moved during the screen instalation proccess.

In particular, your antenas might not be tightly connected as they should.

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Hi @nasruldeen26030

Try using the WiFi in the phone as close as possible to the home network router i.e. <10cm and check if the WiFi connection remains stable and that you get a good signal etc.

If so it may be an antenna problem e.g. loose antenna connection at either end of the antenna cable.

The same antenna is used for both WiFi and BT as they both work on the 2.4GHz frequency band

Here's the ifixit Reemplazo del puerto de carga con cable principal flexible guide that gives a good view of the white antenna coax cable as it goes from the top main board down past the battery (on the right hand side in the images) and connects onto the lower board.

maybe worth checking out if the WiFi works OK as suggested above

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@jayeff thank you for your help

I already change antenna and reset all network settings I even set new software

The problem still

Weak wifi signal I mean I have to be 2 meter close to the router to connect to WiFi

I have poor Bluetooth signal about 10 cm

And poor GPS I can't even navigate

Any suggestions

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Check you haven't cracked the solder joints for the antenna connectors on the board. I've seen one of those ripped off by someone not removing the cable connection correctly. You probably need a microscope.

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