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Released in 2015, the Asus G752VL-DH71 is a 17-inch gaming laptop. It is often referred to by the shorter name G752VL or G752.

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audio port broken needs replace?

My Laptop has a broken audio port. If I plug my headphones into the headset port only One side works of the two headphones. This applys also to all other headphones I can see the plastic circle where the headphones plugs into has missing plastic and clearly some damage to the plastic circle. I need to replace this part how much can I purchase this for and how simple is it to replace a damaged port?

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From what I can see of this teardown video for a similar laptop, it might have to be that you have to replace the whole motherboard if you want to do it simply. There is a possibility of soldering and replacing purely the headphone jack component, but that’s out of my expertise area and pretty hard as far as I understand. I also haven’t found this part online anywhere. You can obviously bring it to a repair shop, but it would be pretty expensive. The cheapest alternative is to get yourself a pair of USB/bluetooth headphones. I have a laptop with a similar problem (except that the jack doesn’t work at all) and use USB headphones that work just fine.

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