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A portable Bluetooth speaker manufactured by Ultimate Ears.

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No flashing Light when charging

Hi there! I have the UE Megaboom and it doesn't charge at all. Currently, it only turns on when it is connected via charger. Whenever i turn it on when its connected, and press the + and - buttons simultaneously to check the charge, it keeps saying its 40%. Also the charger LED does not turn on at all when connected. I know the LED itself is not blown as it was charging after some fluke but now its back to being turned off. I have tried the following:

1. pressing all combinations of the buttons (i.e. bluetooth, power, + and - in pairs, triples or all 4), (power&- for 10s resets after sound but still cant turn on without charger)

2. Trying a new battery. (When there was no battery connected in the speaker and it was also connected by a charger, the LED light was flashing but when the battery was connected it stopped working once again) This is the battery replacement i used:

3. Repeatedly plug and unplug charger for short cycles ~5s(charger connected)/~2s (charged disconnected) for 5-10mins and then leaving to charge for many minutes.

I have access to 2 chargers on which is quick charger QC 3.0 with 5V & 3A and laptop charger with 5.1V * 1A. I had brief progress today when i did step 3. with the QC 3.0 charger and then connecting the megaboom to the laptop charger after all those cycles. It then momentarily lit up the white charger light for 2-5s but then turned off.

Im running firmware version 2.2.9.

Any help will be appreciated.

P.S: I can’t avail my warranty as it’s past it. I already contacted Logitech recently and they said since i replaced the battery they wouldn’t give me any support.

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I have also tried diferent usb cables including the original yellow one but to no avail. Also have tried downgrading the firmware but did not work either. It seems that it would only function after some sequence of actions which i can't figure out!

P.S.: Also tried the fridge theory last year and it worked for a week then went back to this state. I didn't use it for a couple of months since then and want it fixed.


I have exactly had the same problem. I think that is problem from the factory. How did you fix it? I feel disappoited with logitech.


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Hello, I think you have to problem in the charging circuit, and it can be a simple diode that prevent the current to go from the battery to the charger which is bad, if you have used your UE Megaboom in the bathroom or in a place where there is lot of humidity then the electronic board inside it can be shorted, try to clean it maybe that will solve your problem.

Good luck ;).

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I pried open the Megaboom and looked at all the diodes (which i think are the little rectangular prisms with a orangish band on them) and only say one covered by some blue gunk. In the link below I've attached a photo after me cleaning it (sorry for the bad quality) and a video of the LED). UNFORTUNATELY, this did not work either. Any help will be highly appreciated.


Mmm... after watching your video it's obvious that you have a bad contact in that area (where you pushed and the led starts blinking), you need to remove the electronic board to see what's below, but I don't think it's possible because of the hot glue, you can try to maintain pushing for 5 minutes and see the result.


Actually i thought it was near the charging port as when i pushed near the 3.5mm aux-in port, the charger side naturally lifted up and was not in complete contact with the battery anymore hence starting to blink. I have uploaded a few more pictures ( sligthly better quality) to the link above.

Btw, i have a multimeter and soldering iron at the ready.


Uploaded a few more photos of the software I'm on atm. For the UE Megaboom app, i noticed it changed to a lightning bolt sign when i plugged in the speaker and back to battery when unplugged in. You think this might be a software thing? Come to think of it, i haven't seen my speaker die yet, as in it works unplugged but just says 40% charge whenever i check the battery level. Might try to use it non-stop without plugging it in and gather more data.


I tried to found the battery sheet to identify the power pins so you can mesure the voltage accross them, but unfortunately Cameron Sino don't provide any information without an account which it takes one week to be activated.

Have you reset default configuration after changing the battery, because the software may don't notice that you have placed a new one and it will continu to process as it was damaged, I also recommand that you take a look at this logitech page, there is a person (RustyBolts) who might found a solution for your problem ^^, good luck.


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Battery connection is poor. Have found this with heaps of my ones. Popped off charging board..complete with plastic surround. Wedged some rolled up paper on one side of battery to shim it on an angle. Had to lever battery with a flat blade screwdriver to allow gap to fit paper roll between the silicon and battery. Carefully aligned pins and put charging cap back on. I hope this helps others.. as it done my head in for ages trying to find issue.

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