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This page includes repair guides and technical reviews of Huawei Mate 10 (released November 2017).

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Possible To Replace Front Glass Only?

Wondering if it is possible to replace front glass only without replacing lcd or digitizer?

If so, how difficult is it and would anyone be willing to make a guide?

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Its IPS lcd, its very dificult to change only glass... when is amoled is better to change... this classuc lcd have problem with backlight, is igh chance when you put out the glass and cleaning with alcohol etc. Come to backlight folies and after is somethink like" dark map".. better change complete lcd

Or 75$ with frame- very easy to change

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Thank you for that information, will probably just buy a skin then because the cracks are only on the bottom bar and not on display area.

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yes, its the cheapest solution.... :)

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