Western Digital My Passport Drive. USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive.

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My usb port got broken

I have a WD my passport, where the usb port is broken and i asked in service centre, everyone said nothin can be done. it has to be throwed and my very important files are there in it. pls help me out guys.

Block Image

Block Image

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One thing it’s possible to remove the data. You will have to find a way to open it up to get to the hard drive. Then get a sata to usb cable and plug it back into your computer and copy all the data off to another external drive.

The only thing is I’m not sure how to open it up so you will have to google it.

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This answer is false, inside this drive, there is a WD Green Drive that has that same port soldered directly onto the board, so I wouldn't recommend taking that drive out of the chassis unless you have soldering skills.


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You will need to solder a new port onto this drive. These new ports can be bought for $12 here. If you have a local repair shop that does soldering, you can send it into them and they should be able to do this repair. If you're confident in your soldering ability, you could give it a shot as well. I believe you would need to solder down 10 joints and a solder connection on each side of the port to hold it down.

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