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La Asus X551CA es una computadora portátil de 396.2 mm con características convenientes para el uso diario.

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Asus laptop loop restart

So I recently got an Asus SonicMaster and while it was updating my laptop died. (Yes I had it plugged in, but not all the way I guess) When I plugged it back in, I turned it on and it went to the blue update screen (where it says percentage of update) then restarted back to the power on logo (Asus in search of incredible logo). I can't F8 or anything, but if I press ESC it opens the BIOS Utility display. Any help of what's going on appreciated. Running windows 10

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Edit: It's actually an Asus SonicMaster X541U but I couldn't find it in devices, so I picked the closest one.

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@jayeff Im currently on my older laptop trying to create a USB recovery, but cannot find the option for making one. Where exactly is it?

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Hi @iidryballs ,

If you are on a Win 10 PC type Control Panel in search box on desktop then select it and when it opens find Recovery then find create a recovery drive link

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Got similar problem. I just never get the spinning circle AND i cant access any menu at all no matter what. It lights up the Asus logo.. and stays there for like 10 sec then restarts. I cant do anything at all.

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hi, could be BIOS issue, or hard drive, or Windows installation, or a simple configuration issue in BIOS, that makes the partition impossible to start (CSM on/OFF, AHCi ON/OFF, secure boot...), so first check in SATA configuration if your drive is even showing up ...

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Hi @iidryballs ,

Try entering the WRE (Windows Recovery Environment) menu.

To do this, turn on the laptop and when it boots into Windows, force stop the laptop by holding the Power button until it shuts down.

Do this 3 times, i.e. Power on > boot > force stop > power on > boot > force stop etc.

On the 3rd attempt it should boot into the WRE.

Select troubleshooting > advanced > Startup repair and follow the prompts.

If this doesn't work use the same procedure as before to get into WRE and select either the system restore point option or the system image option (if you have them that is)

DO NOT select the Reset this PC option as this will erase all your data and reinstall Windows.

If you can't get into WRE for whatever reason, you can create a Win 10 recovery USB from any known working Win 10 PC. You'll need an 8GB USB flashdrive and about 60 minutes of time to create it. Go to Control Panel > Recovery and find the create USB recovery drive link - You should make one yourself when your laptop is working and keep it safe in case of future problems.

When you have the Recovery USB drive, insert it into your laptop and then when you start the laptop press F12 to select the USB drive as the first boot option and then restart the laptop . If it doesn't boot from the USB go into BIOS and enable Legacy USB function in the settings.

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My laptop is stuck on a boot loop. If I make a recovery drive on a different laptop will this still work?

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Hi @callum23 ,

Yes, it should.

The laptop will boot from the USB drive, not the HDD

The WRE menus are loaded from the USB but whatever action you decide to take from the menus is directed towards the OS that is stored on the HDD

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I made a mistake and powered my computer off when it was updating and when I tried to turn it on it kept on restarting and going to the loading thing that’s on 64% then start over and repeat the same thing over and over I tried to power it off but I won’t let me power it off // ASUS in search of incredible

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I did the same thing. did anyone know the answer to the above question. I can't get into safe mode. I've done the reboot three times and the f8. I can only access bio and tried to put USB first to load and that didn't work. I took out the battery and when I shut it off for a while and turned it back on it started repairing the drive an stopped at 64% again. any advice?

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Hi @jwr80 ,

Did you enable the Legacy USB setting ( or CSM setting - depends on BIOS) in BIOS, save the changes and then see if it boots from the recovery USB drive?

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Try these fixes to resolve the issue -

  • Enter Safe Mode.
  • Delete Recently Installed Updates.
  • Run Windows Update Troubleshooter.
  • Run A Startup Repair.
  • Run DISM Tool.
  • Delete the SoftwareDistribution Folder.
  • Enable the App Readiness Service.
  • Run a System File Checker Scan.

Hope it helps


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Hold down power button for 10 sec after that hold down f1 and power back on laptop you should see please wait n it will open

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Make sure internet is off next press the power button off and hold it down for 10 sec then press f1 hold it then press the power button release the power button a blue screen should appear saying please wait and it will open

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