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What happened to my presentation?


Partners sent me several presentations for correction and editing, and after three days of work one of them at startup gives an error: “This file is not in a recognizable format”

it's such a nuisance, who can tell something?

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You may be able to recover the file by right clicking on it and select properties, go to Previous Version tab and if there is a previous version click on that. Also, it may be a temp file, look for files with .tmp and check modify dates to see if it may match when you lost the file.

Previous Version is a feature of File History that has to be turned on and it varies by version on how to set up. You can find information on setting up File History by searching for "Shadow copy windows" and then look for your version of Windows for information to set up.

It is also a good practice to save the file frequently, if you make structural changes (add columns, rows, tables and similar) you should save the file with something to show version such as fileV2. If fileV2 gets corrupted you can return to previous version to recreate the changes.

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Does this happen to many files or just the few? you could try running Check Disk to see if your hard drive has any bad sectors and it should correct them. if the problem still persists then i would check the health of the drive using something like Crystal Disk Info.

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