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My system repair says there isnt an os loader

My niece gave me the laptop but when I tried to restore it I started seeing the startup repair and it says it can't fix it. Is there anything I can do

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What OS is installed?

If it is Win 8.1 or Win 10 you can create a a recovery USB drive from another laptop or PC which has Win 8.1 or Win 10 installed depending on what you need. It only copies the necessary system files not the user data.

Boot from it in your Toshiba, select troubleshoot / repair and go from there. Be sure to change the boot order in the Toshiba to ensure that you boot from the USB first when the flash drive is inserted.

Be aware creating a recovery drive takes about 40-60 minutes. They say that it needs a 4GB flash drive but I suggest that you use a 8GB USB flash drive to be sure.

Go to Control Panel > Recovery to find the link to create the recovery drive.

(Quick way to Control Panel is to press Win key + x key together, a box will open with links to various areas. Find Control Panel and click on it then find Recovery icon)

Update (12/18/2016)


Do you have the Vista installation DVD?

If so this link may help.

if you don't have the DVD then try Attempt 4 in the link.

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Actually it's Vista, and I'm not real tech savvy what can I do to fix this

- de

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