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La HP Compaq Presario C700 es un portátil.

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Why is my computer getting slow

My computer is getting slow and how do i clean it.

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Depending on long its been it may be time for a format and install of the operating system. I used to do this every three months but for an average user once a year should do. Over time the registry gets messed up slowing things down and causing freezes and reinstalling gets you a whole new registry. Make good backup of important files and i would recommend formatting and a clean install. I am also including a link on cleaning from HP (the current maker of Compaq).

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+ also defragmenting and volume optimization may help

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first thing firs have a scan at it with ur antivirus software i recomend avast if u want free one or norton

then a goood scan with antispyware software like

Spyboot S&D

then run msconfig on run command and on the startup tap see if tere is any unknown process to u and uncheck it

Restart and this should at least for sure give u a 30% faster pc

If thing are still not so good

recomended a repair of ur os with its cd and after that open antivirus sw run to check for anyviru since ur registry will be clean at the moment delete if any run all the other appz u had they will also rewrite themselfes,,defragment and make a clean up and garanted u will have a 70% faster pc

let me know what didi u do or give me more info on ur pc i will write more advice and help for u


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1. Run hard drive test.

2. Make sure you have enough RAM installed.

3. Backup personal data and reinstall Windows from scratch.

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How do I run a hard drive test?

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you just need to follow simple steps - remove all unwanted add on or any untrusted software and toolbars

upgrade the ram if u can , check for virus

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