Use this guide to replace the internal lithium battery inside PlayStation 3 controllers.


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  1. Remove the five 7.2 mm Phillips screws securing the rear cover to the controller.
    • Remove the five 7.2 mm Phillips screws securing the rear cover to the controller.

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  2. Press on the rear cover between the analog sticks and slightly lift the lower edge of it away from the rest of the controller.
    • Press on the rear cover between the analog sticks and slightly lift the lower edge of it away from the rest of the controller.

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    Spread the Fixmas cheer.


    Spread the Fixmas cheer.

    • Push the rear cover slightly toward the top edge of the controller to clear the front edge of the #2 triggers.

    • Pull the rear cover away from the rest of the controller, being careful not to pop off the #2 triggers.

    • If you happen to accidentally pop off the trigger buttons, we have a trigger button guide to reattach them.

    the "trigger button guide" link links back to this page :o

    Alexander McMahon - Contestar

    I accidentally popped a trigger off, and both L1 and R1, because I skimmed and didn't read this step. Fortunately it's not hard. The tricky part with the triggers is that there's a little spring on them. You have to press the side of the spring that's pointing away from the trigger against the sloped surface of the controller (look at the other trigger for reference, if you only popped one off). Then you just slide the trigger on until the "handlebar" bits near the center click into place.

    briancaraher - Contestar

    • Lift the battery off the motherboard for enough clearance to access the battery connector.

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    • Carefully pull the battery connector away from its socket on the motherboard.

    • It may be helpful to use a pair of tweezers or pliers to grab the battery connector when you disconnect it for the first time. Only pull on the connector. Do not try to remove by pulling on the red and black wires.

    be careful with the connector, it was hard at the first time to take it away, i was close to break the wire

    Mugen - Contestar

    Where can I purchase an Input Board?

    Cody - Contestar

    Mayabe this help you(Apple iPhone 6 Vibrating Motor Replacement Parts from

    Raymond -

    To safely remove the connector, you can slide a thin screwdriver inside two slots that can be found on top of the connctor housing (the beige colored one), which allow you to push on the connector. Do this slowly, prying first through one slot, then through the other, until the connector is out. This will allow you to remove the connector without pulling by accident on the wires.

    Adriana Fulgenzi - Contestar

    Thanks Adriana. Good advice. My local battery replacement guy will not touch PS3 controllers.

    Arie van der Winden -


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I got the shell separated but unfortunately snapped the lil plastic clip on the rear of the controller's bottom half. a lil super glue and treezers fixed tht up nicely...Thanks for the help

KUDOS to you!!!

Rob (rjmat42)

Robert - Contestar

I have different battery on my second controller, battery itself have pins to connect it with board, no more white plastic holder :/

Raf - Contestar

Try Amazon Cody

linzikerner - Contestar

whats is amazon cody?

Albert Einstein -

Anyone have any idea where I can find the plastic retainers for the battery? I bought the new one, but my old battery has the clips attached. I don't want this thing just jiggling around in there, it'll drive me nuts.


geoquin4 - Contestar

Has anyone tried charging one of these batteries while it's still disconnected from the controller? I wanted to test one of my old ones to see if it still holds a charge or if the circuit board is damaged.

I was considering hooking it to a 5v line on my computer's power supply in series with a resistor or maybe using an old wall adapter.

Scott Stygar - Contestar

Can you transplant the DS3 Battery into a DS4.

Jaccob Miller - Contestar

probably not Jaccob M, as a DS4 controller has more systems such as the lights and the touch pad than the DS3

gnatgnat71 - Contestar

What to do when my controller doesn't charge

Keagen - Contestar

Cut the wires off that connects my batter to the white clip how do I fix reconnect the wires to the clip?

Sabrina Findley - Contestar

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