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ZTE ZMAX Troubleshooting

This page will help diagnose problems with your phone.

ZTE ZMAX Troubleshooting

This page will help diagnose problems with your phone.

Weak or no wireless connection

The computer does not connect to a wireless connection or will not load web pages.

Wireless connection not selected

Tap the all apps icon, tap settings, and tap on Wi-Fi. If there are any available wireless connections, connect to one and ensure it has a good signal.

Wi-Fi may have been turned off

The Wi-Fi on your phone may have been turned off. To turn it on, tap on the all apps icon, tap settings, and turn on the Wi-Fi slider.

Poor or no audio

There is no sound coming from the computer and or compatible audio devices.

Volume level not on

The media volume on your phone may not be on an audible level. To change the volume, press the top half of the long button on the left side of the phone. This should increase the media volume.

Dirty/faulty dock connector

Check the auxiliary port for dirt and damaged pins. Clean the port with 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol and a soft toothbrush. If the port is still not working it may need to be replaced.

Phone is set to vibrate

Check the system audio panel within the settings and make sure that it is not shut off to vibrate.

External audio device not properly plugged in

The headphone jack may not be in the port completely. Check to make sure the audio device plugged into the audio port fits comfortably within the port.

Frozen or unresponsive screen

The screen will not change or respond to input.

Phone requires a reboot

Hold down on the power button on the phone and press power off signaling the phone to shut off then wait at least 20 seconds and hold the power button until the phone turns back on.

Low Battery

The phone may become unresponsive if it is too low on battery. Plug the phone in for 30 minutes before using it again.

Slow phone

The phone has a slow response time whenever I give it input.

Device storage capacity

The phone storage may be near or at max capacity. This can slow down the phones response time. You may want to consider either upgrading the available storage capacity, or deleting things from the phone to free up some space.

Too many apps running

There may be too many apps or pages open on your phone. Your phone can only process so much information at a time, and since everything takes processing power, closing down some apps may help with the speed of your phone.


The phone feels warmer and or hot to touch

Phone is warm/hot

Close apps that may be open and allow the phone to cool down for a short period of time without using the phone. Also, completely power off the phone for a short period of time to allow for the phone to cool down. Keep the phone out of the direct heat contact. Temporarily place the phone in a cool dry area and not in use. Try not to maintain the phone on the charger and in use at the same time for a period of time.

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My phone will turn on, but only to the Android display, It will not go to the main page with my apps etc. it flashes on the the android message for several minutes. It did turn on for a a few seconds last night so that I was able to find a phone number from my contacts. now it’s back to flashing on back and forth.

lovethewildchild - Contestar

My Max only holds 30 minutes on a full charge with nothing running

ridmdr - Contestar

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