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HP Pavilion Notebook 15-ab293cl Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will allow you to diagnose problems with the HP Pavilion Notebook 15-ab293cl.

Computer Will Not Turn On

The laptop does not show indications of powering up.

Faulty Power Adapter

A common cause for the computer not powering on is due to a faulty power adapter. Ensure power adapter is plug into the outlet. Check the charging light on the laptop. The charging light indicates if any power is flowing to the computer and is charging the battery. If the light is not on then the power adapter is faulty. Consider buying a new power adapter.

Faulty Battery

Another common cause of the computer not powering on is due to a bad battery. To confirm that the battery is faulty, unplug the power adapter when the computer is on. After unplugging the computer check If the computer turns off. If you unplug the adapter and the laptop turns off then you will have a battery problem. The battery cannot supply power to the laptop so the laptop depends only on the electricity provided by the power adapter. The battery needs to be replaced. See Battery Replacement guide

Screen Turns On and Off

Screen does not display correct pictorial/video information or does has dim screen.

Incorrect Screen Resolution

It is important to check the screen resolution before you decide to repair the screen. Incorrect screen resolution can prevent your screen to display your screen correctly. To check your screen resolution click on the start menu and search for "screen". Next, click on the first option. Finally, change the screen resolution to the recommended settings.

Faulty Screen

A faulty screen can be one of the reasons why your screen does not display your screen. To confirm it's a screen problem, first connect a computer monitor to the laptop. If the monitor displays the correct image then the laptop screen is faulty. The reason why the screen is faulty is because the computer is able to transmit the image to the monitor but not the laptop screen. In order to replace the screen first remove the battery. Second, remove the bezel. Second, remove the screen and disconnect connectors. Finally, connect the new screen and connect and screw everything together.

Outdated drivers

If videos or screen flickers and/or goes black constantly the most reasonable cause is that your have an outdated driver. Updating the driver is a simple fix. First go to the website:

The website contains all the drivers needed for your computer to function properly. After installing the appropriate drivers the screen should work properly.

Computer is Slow

Computer has issues with doing normal tasks. It takes a long time to perform task on the OS.

Bad Hard Drive

Hard drives can fail which can cause slowness or problems with the OS. To determine if your hard drive is going bad first check If your laptop has slow transfer rates. The second step is to check if an loud sound is produced by the hard drive. If the hard drive produces absurd amounts of noise then the hard drive is dying. The hard drive needs to be replaced. See Hard Drive Replacement Guide

Not Enough Memory

If your laptop slows down with memory intensive task and/or crashes frequently you will need to upgrade your memory because memory allows your laptop to perform task on you OS. Some OS need specific amounts of memory. The recommend amount is good but if you need to do heavy computer tasks then you need better memory..See Memory Replacement Guide

Unresponsive Keyboard

Keyboard does not respond to keystrokes.

Debris/Dirty Keyboard

Debris and dust is can prevent the keyboard from functioning properly. In order to solve the problem first place laptop in a flat surface. Second, with compressed air, blow under the keyboard. If the problem persist you must do a deep clean of the keyboard. Remove the keys with prying tool. Clean the keys with rubbing alcohol and with a 100% cotton cloth.

Broken keyboard

If keyboard does not show and lights and/or does not respond after cleaning it then the keyboard is broken. Keyboards cab be faulty break due to wear or spills. The fix to the problem is to replace the keyboard. See Keyboard Replacement Guide

Device is Overheating

Laptop is hot to the touch. Laptop heats up under normal conditions and normal use. Heat causes laptop to slow down.

Dirty Case

Open the laptop case. If the laptop is full of dust then you must use compressed air in order to remove the dust. The first step is to remove the bottom cover of the laptop. Second blow out all the dust. Lastly, put the cover back on the laptop. The dust prevents the laptop from having good airflow. It is important to clean your laptop frequently in order to prevent dust clogging the laptop's airways.

Broken Fan

If the laptop has loud fan noises or the fan does not spin at all then the fan is broken. It is also important to consider how long it takes for the laptop to heat up. If the laptop heats up rapidly then it is for sure a fan problem The fan need to be replaced because you risk damaging the processor and other components. See Fan Replacement Guide.

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