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I am a construction management major here at Eastern in my second year. I plan to Graduate by the end of next year or close to (2018). I did an additional year at a community college before I enrolled at Eastern making this my third consecutive year in school. I have no experience what so ever with electronic repairs but I have a lot of experience working with tools now that I have worked in a mechanic shop for many years now. I think my experience will help the project by knowing how to problem solve when parts refuse to come apart and being able to recognize screw sizes from a glance. I have some experience with electrical in cars so I see that also being a benefit on proper orientation of electrical wires in the devices. I have no idea when it comes to the parts or the language used in electronics so it will be a learning experience. When I was little I did get in trouble many times for taking the VCR apart and not being able to put it back together so I’d say my electronic device repair is off to a bad start.

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