Laptop won't charge when turned on

Hello, this laptop won't charge if it's ON but for some reason it can charge while he's in sleep mode or turned OFF. At first, I thought the AC adapter was somehow broken and could not provide enough current which is not the case since the charging time is pretty normal (when it's not on of course) and there is no voltage drop when I measure directly the voltage across the power pins (motherboard), the charger keeps its voltage stable but I don't know if there is a flow of current, when I plug it in, windows briefly detects it then nothing, it's like an over current protection but clearly there are no short-circuits otherwise it won't charge in any case.

I installed the latest bios and made a clean windows 10 installation but the problem remains, I don't think the battery is dead since I can use it for around 2 hours.

I even tried to turn it on without RAM so it won't use any resources without success.

Any one got an idea please of what could cause this issue?

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Hi @vertinhol,

What is the charge state of the battery as shown by Windows power icon when the charger is connected i.e. fully charged, half charged etc?

Things to check:

Create a battery report to check the status of the battery.

Compare the Design capacity value versus the Full Charge capacity value. A good battery the values should be nearly the same

This is just to eliminate if the battery is the problem i.e. the adapter can run the laptop or charge the battery but not both at the same time.

Run the laptop in safe mode with networking and check. if it charges OK it may be a driver problem.

What is the model number of the motherboard as printed on the board itself?

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Hello, thank you for your reply, I'll check the report later, but I still don't think it has to do with the battery because for example, the led near the charging port should be orange when it's charging and white when fully charged.

If the laptop is off the LED is orange and as soon as I press the start button it turns white (it detects the charger but doesn't send the information to windows that it's plugged in), and after the PC completes the startup process, when I close the lid (it enters sleep mode) the LED turns orange again.

I tried to turn on the laptop without the battery but it didn't work, also I happened to have another HP laptop with the same connector and voltage but with less required current almost half, and it worked fine with the other adapter.

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The battery report was only to check and to eliminate it as the problem rather than to just assume that it isn't.

Did you try safe mode, you didn't say?

You may need the schematics for the motherboard and for that the make and model number of the board is required.

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I don't know how to share a html file, I found this feature in google but if it doesn't work just tell me how you would like me to share it.

About the safe mode I didn't try actually, since the problem occurred even while navigating the bios settings, and I have a freshly fully updated windows 10, I really don't see how safe mode will help.

I believe it's a problem at the hardware level at this point but I don't know which chip is messing around.

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I missed the bit about BIOS but thought at the time that safe mode might still be an option even though a new install was done. Safe mode loads only generic Windows drivers and not hardware specific drivers and I didn't know or not if you had updated any drivers after the new install, especially battery management drivers.

If the motherboard is a Quanta SP7 Nikita Rev:1A then here's a free download link to the schematics that may help.

You file link was OK and the battery is also OK. FYI it is now at 84% of original capacity when it's fully charged so its got a bit of life left in it yet

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