PSP 3000 will not charge or turn on

I bought a used PSP 3000, and it will not charge or turn on at all. I’ve tried everything save for opening up the console: removing the battery (the PSP should turn on even without a battery as long as it’s plugged in but nothing happens, no light), trying a new charger (same, won’t turn on, no light), removing the memory card, adjusting a pin inside the power jack, nothing works.

When I first received it and it wouldn’t turn on I messaged the seller and their only advice was to wiggle the cord, which doesn’t do anything. I thought it might be bricked, but it would at least charge and turn on if that were the case, right? Something I noticed was that the chargers seem kind of loose when plugged into the power jack, but I don’t know if that’s normal because I’ve never had a PSP before.

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