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Repair guides and support for the Honor 6, a budget Android smartphone first released by Huawei in 2014. Features a 5" 1080p display, octa-core processor, and 3 GB of RAM.

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Broken battery by screwdriver

I tried to replace a battery in my Honor 6 PLUS. When I tried to peel off battery, I see the pink thing with some ?sugar? inside this. That was very stressful, because it’s a Li-ion battery.

Sorry, if my english is bad. It’s not my primary language :-|

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eloskowyGaming the “sugar” is most likely the lithium. The worst is over. since it is already punctured. What you want to do is to now completely remove the battery. Place the battery in a metal container or at least away from moisture and flammable things. Then discard the battery as directed by wherever you reside. When you discard it, it should be dispose of at a household hazardous waste collection point (check with your local landfill) or battery recycling drop off location, NOT placed in the trash

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