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OneKey Recovery/ HDD upgrade to SSD

Hi, I had this laptop for almost 3 years now and I have been looking for an upgrade I got a 480gb SSD I copied all my data from the old HDD to the SSD using a software but once I replaced them and tried to boot the OneKey recovery would pop up and non of the opinion initial backup nor the user backup work.

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What was the size of the original drive. I don’t recommend this software. You should have bought [producto vinculado inexistente o deshabilitado: IF107-131] and used this . I never had issues with macrium.

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The original drive is a 1TB HDD, and I did use the macrium reflect 7 for copying the data I wanted to use the SSD as a boot drive and the HDD as external I already have hard drive enclosure with USB 3.0

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The only problem I get is with the OneKey Recovery I searched online and couldn’t find a way of bypassing it or disabling it

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I think not all your files fitted in. You should have bought bigger drive. How much free space did the original have?

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About 600GB was free

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After transferring all my files there was about 70GB free left on the SSD

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