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Repair and troubleshooting guides for air conditioning units used in houses, offices, and cars.

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do package unit air conditioners come pre-charged with freon

do ac unit package style come pre charged with freon

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steven sasser

not quite sure what you are referring to by “ac unit package style” No, it is not pre-charged if it is for an outside unit. Let us know exactly what you are going to replace.

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Window or pedestal units are charged.

Split systems (cooling lines between the outside compressor and your house's air handler) won't be.

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it really depends on the refrigerant type and manufacturer. Split units that are r410a typically have a factory charge in the condenser unit. R22 units come with dry nitrogen.

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When they say a package unit they are referring to the units typically used in commercial applications where the air handler/furnace and the condenser are combined into one unit. And they are normally precharged from the factory data tag on the unit will specify what weight of refrigerant is in each circuit.

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package ac units are typically sold already charged with refrigerant. Set them in place, wire them up with control voltage and high voltage, plumb them for drain lines, and they should be ready to go. Every one I've installed was already charged to the manufacturer's specs. Unless there's a leak. Then you have to find and repair, then recharge to the weight specified on the data tag.

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