HTC One M9 is Dead to The World


My HTC One M9 is just, well, completely dead. I have switched to another phone at this point - looks like I switched just in time. I had done nothing before but try a software update (which miraculously failed) and after that the bootloader locked the phone. I left it alone for a bit, and when I came back to it, the thing was completely unresponsive. Not even the PWR+VOLUP or PWR+VOLDWN+VOLUP tricks work. It can’t start at all.

EDIT: I should clarify - it doesn’t seem to charge either. The notification LED stays off, and absolutely nothing happens.

Is there any way to repair the phone?


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what led up to the nonfunctional aspect of your device?

Recent drop,

possible water damage,

did it just happen while you were operating the device?

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As far as I remember, I've never dropped it. Nor has it ever had liquid damage. It just... well, happened. One day it works, then it bricks itself.

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