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Below is the Hisense Sero 7 Pro tablet by Android, released May 2013, a trademark of Hisense Group of Hisense USA Corp.

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What does the red battery icon mean

the battery icon shows up briefly when I try to power. the icon is red has exclamation point in the middle and charge or lighting bolt symbol under battery icon. also I removed the batt. and tested volts at pos. and neg. has a reading of 3.59v it has 3 other wires on same connector 2 blue and 1 white between the 2 blues so while never moving the pos. probe off the terminal I moved neg probe to the blue wire it read 3.59v as well moved neg. probe to white wire reading was 1.79v then checked the other blue wire it to read 1.79v. battery was not puffed up, did not smell and I never noticed it to be hot. I noticed some lettering on the charge circuit protection board attached to batt. at each of the wires mentioned and particularly the 2 blue and white the white and blue with voltage of 1.79 had the letters SCL at white wire and SDA at blue. the other blue with volt reading of 3.59v had letters TH. im hoping this may mean something to somebody out there,

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TH means true hot

So that is the positive

White is negative

It sounds like the red indicator light is just telling you that it is connected

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