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OnePlus' second entry into the Android phone market, the OnePlus 2, was released on August 11th 2015.

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Oneplus 2 alert slider broken

Hello Everyone,

I recently repaired a Oneplus 2 LCD/Screen.

After the repair the Alert Slider seems to be broken,

After taking a picture and comparing the motherboard to pictures i see online i noticed a small part seems to be broken/missing (see attachment)

Does anyone know how to repair this without a new motherboard?



Block Image

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Hey Don,

I had the exact same problem. From one day to the other my alert slider would not work. It started with continuous vibrations when my phone was constantly switching profiles. It ended with being stuck in “Do Not Disturb”.

When I opened my phone, the little part of the slider was almost broken off the motherboard. It seemed the soldering joints were completely off and not holding the Alert Slider anymore.

For me soldering worked, a friend of mine tried soldering everything together and after some tries it worked again. At some point only Do Not Disturb-Mode and Vibration-Mode would work, so we had to try again. Be careful as those soldering joints are very close together.

I think there is quite a chance to get your Alert Slider back to work, though I am not sure how long this repair will last.

BTW: After comparing your picture to the pictures of the OnePlus2 Teardown, I don't think that there is something missing on your motherboard. One can spot the little slider on the bottom right.

Also be careful with the position of the slider before removing the motherboard. It can only be removed safely in top position (in Vibration Mode)!!

Good luck!

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Hi dear

i am also on the way of doing the same for that i searched and purchased so many switches in market for replace hope it will work . If any update i will post shortly.

Update (09/21/2018)

Hey Don

Please send me another side photo of mother board in which broken switch seeing clearly

Update (09/25/2018)

Hey Don

Good news for you …! i find the solution of our problem . i assuming that your alert slider switch is damaged from one side i.e on silent mode position ok . then dont worry ,please open locking clip of the switch ,then remove sliding knob inspect carefully by using magnifier there is one copper connector in that knob check weather it is bend or what due to extreme pressing of slider switch. Then make it straight carefully and lift both sides then normal position and then carefully place it on the board at ring mode position means at down position which connects Pin 3 & 5 and lock it gently as previous , if that switch’s shell is broken than you might be use some epoxy adhesive to lock switch clip (Don’t use feviquick) and here it is done.

Finally after remounting board gently insert slider button be careful it should not touch switch knob and screw the packing . after getting done please stick your slider button with body with adhesive so that button should not hurt switch knob again ok .

So please try this to repair , i am sure it works 100% as i done practicle with my phone ( Please try this assembly with the help of expertise )


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Hey don

can you please share other side photo of the same motherboard as you attached attached earlier. Please do quick reply on getting

- de

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