Why is my SD card doesn't working?

In my tab when I insert SD card it doesn't show the option to select as SD card .

I think my SD card had changed as internel memory....so how can I seperate SD card and internal memory as before

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Hi @ikbalikku ,

Have you proved that the SD Card is OK by trying it in another device?

Have you tried inserting a different known working SD Card into the tablet to see if it is detected?

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I have tried putting in a dif. card reads ok l have put u/s card in diff. Computor it works ok if i then put that sard in comp.it will not read.

Any help would be very greatful.

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Hi @sunleytom051138 ,

Is the card being detected by the tablet?

If so, first copy any data that is on the SD Card in the diff computer where it works OK.

Then reinsert the SD Card into the tablet and reformat it using the tablet and then see if it works OK.

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I have the same problem after updating. I got a msg today saying a update was out for the tablet and after the update it cant detect my sd card no more. I tried to remove it and reinsert but nothing works... I had the sd card installed as internal memory so now i have lost everything. So watch out with the new update.

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