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A wide range of repair guides and support for the consumer-grade laptop computer line by Toshiba.

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Cpu /Gpu temperatures limit

Hi to all,

Thanks for keep this forum running .

I have a question about Toshiba Satellite L505 v10 temperatures. The system has a T6600 Core 2 Duo and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570.

I'm receive this laptop used and I don't know what really temperatures can reach with normal use. I'm changing the fan with a new one fan but lower amps (because the seller didn't have other fan), because the other one is noisy I think that is broken.

This laptop has one central cooler for CPU and GPU. I'm cleaning the cooler. The GPU thermal pad is melted from heat and I'm planning to replace the thermal pad with thermal paste. I'm getting prolimatech pk2. I also removed the VRAM thermal pads and I'm inserting thin pads to reduce the gap between GPU and cooler. I'm also used one round pool to keep the cooler at it position. After all that I'm get temperature mesuremets as follows:

  • Room temperature is 26 Celsius
    • Idle cpu : 47 Celsius
    • Idle Gpu : 53 Celsius

Youtube full hd video playback for 15 minutes:

  • GPU: 68 Celsius max
  • CPU: 55 Celsius max

I don't know if these temperatures are correct for this laptop. I'm afraid to stress it out more because I don't know if these temperatures are safe to run a benchmark on it...

I don't want to burn the CPU or GPU. I use hw monitor and gpu-z to measure

After 5 minutes idle the laptop come back to 55 Celsius (GPU) and 51 Celcius (CPU). I think this temperatures must be lower.

Are these temperatures safe?

Must I buy other thermal pad to reinsert thermal pad on the laptop?

Any one with similar configuration can confirm that get this temperatures?

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I am forget to mention that the laptop is from 2009...

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Sadly there just isn't much on this series. You may want to plug in your system serial number in Toshiba's support site to see what info they have. Here's a Link to it: Toshiba Support

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I buy it for experiments for fun!

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The laptop might have an "auto switch" which if it reaches a chosen temperature BIOS (70°C-100°C) it will automatically shut down to prevent burning the CPU or GPU , go ahead and check them on Bios.

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I will check It! Thanks!

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This will depend on exactly what processor you have. Post your numbers of the processor so we can narrow it down. For your CPU these numbers are the sustainable temperatures, you can get higher number for a brief time but not sustainable over long periods:

Northwood (130nm): ~73.4C

Prescott/Prescott 2M (90nm): ~66.6C

Conroe/Allendale (65nm): ~60.1C-62.4C for your CPU

For the GPU this will be around 71C but again it will depend on the actual processor. If you can, let us know those numbers as well.

For now, your temps are definitely acceptable.

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Is t6600 CPU and AMD 4570 GPU the full specs here

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Generally you want to replace pads as the gap between the heat sink and the top of the chip maybe to great. Here's one source: Artic Thermal Pad As an alternative you can use a gapping paste like K5 Pro I have found these gapping types of paste's don't last as long as the pads in their cooling effectiveness.

CPU & GPU's which had paste on them should have paste put back on. Here's a good guide on what to look for: Thermal Compound Guide. I've personally found Arctic Silver holds up well.

But, to be truthful here any good quality thermal paste will do.

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Keep in mind this system is not a heavy gaming system! You will cook it if you let it run to long running heavy online games. Limit its use to general web surfing and word processing to get the most out of the system.

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Thank you very much! I can buy thermal pads and test again the system.

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