A Sony camera in the HX series of the Cyber-shot line.

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scrolls through menus on its own uncontrollably

The camera scrolls through the menus ie. the flash menu and shooting mode menu the timer, single shot and multiple shot mode menu. It is also very slow processing images it has a fresh card.

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Hello, i had the same problem. To solve this turn off the camera press hard on rotating button and rotate it around while still pressing hard on it. Do it several times. Should cure the problem. Good luck.

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I had the same problem too and this answer has fixed it. The camera shop where I bought it clearly didnt know this fix!


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Hello this help totally fixed my problem. Thank you so much indeed. I am so happy to have my camera working properly the same way as it was brand new! Thank you so much :)

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Awesome!!! It worked perfectly. Thanks so much :)

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