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Nikon's 16.1 MP, 60X zoom, 1080p Full HD Compact Digital Camera. Release date: February 7, 2014

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Why won't my camera turn on?

I'm getting some green flashing when I try to charge it but the camera doesn't want to turn on.

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It is possible it a small flex circuit that connects the power button module to the main circuit board is not connected correctly internally. If that is the case, it will need to be opened and the small flex circuit cable reset into its connector. If your camera is under warranty have it repaired through your dealer.

If it is out of warranty like mine was I was able to fix it on my own. If you are mechanically inclined here's how I fixed it.

I followed the disassembly procedure in "replacing the camera mount". You only need to get as far as step 9. The yellow flex circuits are inserted into a very delicate surface mounted PCB connectors. These micro connectors can not be repaired if broken. The entire PCB has to be replace. So take care when lifting the plastic connector lock that holds the flex circuit in place. What I found on my camera the flex circuit which goes to the "power switch module" was not inserted correctly or completely into the connector. It had come lose. I simply re-inserted the flex circuit securely back into the micro connector. I carefully inspected all other connectors at the same time.

I then inserted the battery and checked to see if my problem was solved. All functions on the power module worked. I removed the battery and then in reverse order put the camera back together. Be careful not put to much stress on the two yellow flex circuits. the short one is almost too short and Nikon could have made it another half inch longer.

Take care you get all the 11 screw holes aligned correctly. The rubber USB cover fell out and I almost panicked until I realized you only need to snap it back into the case. The screw attached to it merely holds the rubber cover once the camera is reassembled. It does not attach to anything else.

I hope this solves the problem. If not the power module may be defective and needs replacing.

Update (09/14/2019)

You are quiet welcome.

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Thank you so much Jerry Hess! That solved my problem too! (Which was the same as Heathers, only mine eventually stopped blinking and just didn’t do anything when I pushed the on/off button) Mine now works. I’m so relieved.

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You are quiet welcome. Wish I could edit the typos I made too. (just edited my solution)

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