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To solve some of your troubleshooting issues visit our Nikon Coolpix P600 Troubleshooting.

Background and Identification

As part of Nikon's Coolpix P-series Model Compact Digital Cameras (CDC), this P600 model is great for the amateur photographer who is looking to take professional quality like photos, as well as appealing to the experienced photographers who are looking for a camera with exceptional zoom capabilities. The P600 is assembled with the highest zoom in Nikon's Coolpix series, being at 60x optical zoom, being named "Camera of the Year 2014 Best Superzoom" by Image Resources.

The zoom is enhanced with a NIKKOR glass lens. This lens is also first of its kind in the Coolpix series to include a super ED lens element, in order to provide first-rate, SLR-like photographs. The Wi-Fi feature in the P600 introduces a new way to connect with others, via a smart device (e.g. smart phone), making it a quick and convenient way to share your photographs instantly. The "Active" mode on the P600 will give users vibration reduction for difficult photos, this might be especially useful for photographers capturing athletic events.

The P600 also features 1080p Full HD video with Stereo Sound. The camera comes equipped dual viewing system comprised of a 3 inch LCD monitor that swivels for convenience while shooting at different angles, as well as an electronic eye-level viewfinder, suitable for DSLR style like shooting. The P600 also comes with a dependable battery life which allows the shooter to take up to 330 full resolution photos on a single battery charge.

Additional Information

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