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Below is the Hisense Sero 7 Pro tablet by Android, released May 2013, a trademark of Hisense Group of Hisense USA Corp.

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Charging port needs replaced

I was curious if anyone had a video on replacing the charging port on a Hisense Sero 7 Pro? I've youtubed it and can only find one video that was made without Audio. It looks like the charging port is soldered in place. I don't have any experience with soldering and was wondering if this is something that can be accomplished with a standard soldering iron or would it require a specialized micro soldering iron? Thanks in advance for suggestions or advice.

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Most devices don't solder there charging ports to the devices, But If it dose you should take it in the be repaired because if you're inexperienced you may mess something up.

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I'm not sure why you have started answering so many questions and answering with horrible answers. This is not a contest to see how many questions you can answer. Its a place where we lend our experience to others.

If you do not know the answer to a question asked and cannot be bothered to look it up, please do not respond. Giving horrible answers is far worse than not answering.

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lol " Its a place where we lend our experience to others. " you just gave this guy a link to a video ( Which I guess is what he technically asked for ) but I was just advising him how if he is inexperienced I do not recommend him preforming a repair that requires soldering.

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@joshw aiden was just trying to help this person if I was the person that needed to fix a charging port I would have been thankful that he was looking out for my and my device.

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He stated that most charge ports are not soldered. That's just flat out wrong. Most for sure are.

Here we try to help others, not tell them to take their devices in to be repaired.

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@joshw Were do you get your infomation from like seriously, do you seriously know nothing about phones, and for a fact most cell phone manufacturer's do not solder their charging ports onto the phones

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Going off this video:

Yes, it is soldered on. It doesn't look like anything special. A couple of anchor points and 5 traces. I don't personally consider this micro soldering and do this kind of repair with a standard iron. I use the Xtronic 5040 which is not mirco at all.

Since this device is relatively inexpensive, this may be a good thing to learn on. Watch a few charging port repair videos (they are all the same) and then give it a go. Just remember never to pull up on the port since that can tear pads.

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Josh, Xtronic 5040 looks to be a nice solder station, I will have to keep this one in mine for Santa.

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