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The Asus Memo Pad 7 Me572C was announced in September of 2014. It is lightweight, slim, and contains many high-tech features. It comes in black, gold, and dark red.

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Why isn't it charging?

I dropped it. Now the when I put the charger in it doesn't say charging. I think it is the port that is broken.

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Are any of the pins damaged? I know on some of these tablets the battery can come lose when dropped. Does is show a question mark or any strange symbol?

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No But the little chip thing in the charging port wiggles around

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It dose shows a question mark wat does that mean?

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Same problem here. It fell off the bed while charging. No obvious indications of any damage. No rattles or bent pins.. It would not boot or charge . I tried replacing cord and charger wIthout success.

Is it possible that the battery jared loose? It was about 5 months old when this happend.

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