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Pantalla LCD panorámica de 4,3" con un procesador de 333 MHz. Número de modelo PSP98510. La reparación de este dispositivo requiere destornilladores comunes y herramientas de palanca.

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PSP 2000 start button does not work. help! >_<

hi! i got a problem with my psp 2000. The start button does not work. Instead i use the "ON and HOLD" switch to use the "start function". i guess its kinda unusual how that happened but it really did. I dont really know what might be the problem. the problem might be from the software or maybe from the hardware. Anyway, is there I can fix this? Its really annoying to use the method of switching to "HOLD" and then switching to "ON" just to start a game. Well thanks in advance! ^^

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Take off the case and unplug the circuit board that goes to the front buttons. Check and make sure he little nub on the start button didnt break off. Then re-insert fully and try it again. With it all off try to hit the button on the circuit board without using the actual button to see if it works.

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