The Nikon Coolpix S8200 has a 14X optical lens, a monitor that is 7.5 inches wide, and weighs approximately 7.6 oz.

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scratches on the lens

got a scratch on lens some how.shows up in developed pictures. what is least expensive way to get repaired. nikon wants muncho dollars

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Get a replacement lens from china for $15 and replace it yourself. Just have done so myself

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there is no way to remove the scratch the lens protector is the culpable... each time it shut off or open if something as push on it it will scrath the lens and since it is a very thin film it cannot be repair . the only way is to replace the lens. Price vary around $60.00. Me I just go to ebay and buy a other one I use this camera and only this one for my work. I am a photographer for a car dealer ship and take a average of 140 picture a day. to remedy this problem I remove this shutter in front of the lens so now this camera may last me at least a year it used to be just a few month.

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