All-in-one state of the art digital wireless speaker system. Model Number: PLAY3US1

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Power Supply Hit by Lightening

U301 burnt out after being hit by lightening.I require new component

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I need a new power supply modul


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I don't have the PCB in front of me but is U301 the component with the large heatsink?

I picked up a Play 3 that was dead and the digital power switch had exploded. The part number was FSQ0565R which I couldn't find anywhere without waiting over a month to be shipped from China so I bought the same component with beefier specifications FSQ0765R from everyone's favourite auction bay.

In addition to replacing this IC, the fuse was also busted. It is a tiny brown cylindrical component next to the power plug. Something like 2A 240V on the label. I just temporarily jumpered the fuse and everything started working.

Good luck!

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